Steep Hill Lab's QuantaCann


The QuantaCann is a near-infrared reflectance (NIR) spectrophotometer connected to a cloud based network of a central server and other instruments. The QuantaCann (or QC) analyzes medical cannabis samples for the major cannabinoids and moisture content. It reports both GC method (decarboxylated THC, CBD) and HPLC method (THC-A, D-9, CBD-A) results as if it were run at Steep Hill Lab itself. For more information, Click Here.

Potency Testing at ArborSide

We offer on-site potency testing for all Michigan patients and caregivers and each potency test costs $25. If you have two or less samples to test, you may visit during our open lab hours from 12pm - 3pm Monday through Friday to have them tested. If you have three or more samples or if you come in outside of open lab hours, we will have you pay for the tests and leave the samples with a budtender to be tested. Results will be returned within 24 hours of dropping off. We also offer unlimited testing for $300/month.

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